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The Smartest Home in St. Louis

About This Project

About This Project- The system in this home was designed with 3 things in mind. Ease of use, unlimited connectivity, and simplifying everyday task through the use on smart technology.

For ease of use the controls of the system were created to favor any type of occupant. All items in the home from lighting, comfort, window coverings, TV, music, locks and security, surveillance, and even motorized windows were integrated in a way that they could be controlled by hand held remotes, touchscreens, mobile devices, and even the occupants voice. Our experience as a Lutron dealer in St. Louis, MO, was particularly helpful for the lighting control and shade control aspects of the project.

Wi-Fi is an important part of any home, and this home is no different. Utilizing managed wireless systems, the homeowner can travel from one side of the property to the other without missing a minute of a game streaming on his tablet, or a dropped call or missed email from his phone. Both for business and for pleasure this important piece of technology was thoughtful positioned throughout the home to ensure full coverage without being an eyesore.

At the end of the day we would all like to make our life simpler. And while an over engineered can actually make life more difficult, a "Thoughtful Integration" of technology can make everyday life at home more enjoyable by speeding up or altogether removing repetitive and altogether unpleasant task. Gone are the days of making sure all the lights are off, the blinds are shut, the doors are locked, the garage is closed, and all the tv's are off. In this home the home owner simply says "Alexa secure the home for bedtime" and all of these things happen on their own, and all from the comfort of their bed.


  • Control4 Automation System
  • Whole Home Voice Control
  • 70 Motorized Light Filtering and Room Darkening Shades
  • Panelized Lighting Control with Dim to Warm Light Fixtures
  • Whole Home Managed Pakedge Network and WiFi
  • Hi-Res Audio distribution and listening areas


The Tech Cantina: Rosalita's Cantina Des Peres

About This Project

This project had specific requirements from a long time Restaurant and Property Manager. Great Audio and Video, full coverage and remotely accessible surveillance, a wired and wireless network that would keep the business running but also allow customers to safely and securely use the internet all while being PCI compliant, and lastly a system that would run itself instead of needing staff time.


  • Control4 Automation System
  • Site Managed Pakedge Network and WiFi
  • ICRealtime IP Surveillance
  • Scheduled Open and Close and Timed settings (allowing Tv's and Music to Turn onto specific channels at specific times and to shut down at closing time.)
  • Sonos Licensed Music Services


The Historic Takeover

About This Project

Sometimes we are called in for an over promised, over engineered, or just plain ol’ failed installation. We've seen my fair share of this, but we never expected to run into this on one of the most historic homes in Illinois that just happens to be about 18,000 sqft. in living space. Hence our Historic Takeover of Olin Mansion. The Homeowners requests weren't anything that would be surprising. They simply wanted a system that worked reliably and consistently, wireless coverage on the main property, and of course when you are talking about 18,000 sqft they wanted repetitious ease of use.

After a day of redesign, removal of previous network and installation of new Pakedge network,and only a few days of site visits the home was reprogrammed to the home owners specifications. As for the WiFi coverage it grew from being almost unusable to covering 35 of the 45 acres of property while actually reducing the physical amount of wireless access point devices on the property.

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I’m not sure where we’d be if we hadn’t called Thoughtful Integrations but I’m glad we don’t have to find out."

-Jay Bentley


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